A little about Rustic Re-Creations
      Rustic Re-Creations took form in the fall of 2015 and consists of Jeff and Bethany Beer. They are partners in life (married), in parenting (to 4 children),  and in everything woodworking. Jeff has always enjoyed building things, right from when he was young building calf sheds with his dad and tree forts out on the acreage. In the summers, while he was in college, he worked in construction and later spent 3 years working in a fine furniture manufacturing company.
    Bethany, on the other hand, is the creative inspiration and the drive behind the jewelry and wood art. She also manages the finishing end of production and spends a lot of time elbow deep in stain. She loves everything home décor and is a pyro-maniac, ok maybe not but she is handy with a pyrography pen (wood burning).
     In 2015 the transition was made from making things around the house to building furniture and home décor for others. Some credit can be attributed to Bethany's sister who commissioned the first Rustic Re-Creations order which was followed shortly thereafter with the Wainwright Snowball Christmas Craft show.
     Over the last three years Rustic Re-Creations has really grown to encompass all sorts of wood working projects, from custom work, home décor, furniture, art, jewelry, outdoor furniture and décor, signs and a range of cutting boards just to name a few! We love what we do and look forward to serving you!